relational Formal methods
Relational formal methods are formal methods based on different versions and/or modifications of Tarski’s relational calculus. For those interested, the seminal paper in the subject is [Tar41], and surveys about the relational calculus and its applications have been published in [Bri97], [Jor05].
[Tar41] Alfred Tarski. On the Calculus of Relations. Journal of Symbolic Logic,  6:73-89, 1941.
[Bri97] Chris Brink, Wolfram Kahl and Gunther Schmidt (eds.), Relational Methods in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 1997.
[Jor05] Journal of Relational Methods in Computer Science, Vol. 1, N.1, 2005.
Events I have been lately involved in:
AMAST 2006 (Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology), Estonia, 2006.
RelMiCS 2006 (Relational Methods in Computer Science), Manchester, UK, 2006.
SET 2006 (IFIP Working Conference on Software Engineering Techniques), Warsaw, Poland, 2006.
ICFEM 2006 (International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods), Macau, 2006.
ICTAC 2006 (International Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Computing), Tunis, Tunisia, 2006.
ASSE 2006 (Argentinean Symposium on Software Engineering), Mendoza, Argentina, 2006.
First Alloy Workshop (Colocated with Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE06))
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